Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hip Tip : Shoe Rack

Ladies ~  Do you wish you could get your high heel shoes off the floor and organized?    Showcase those stylish shoes with a shoe rack on the wall.

This picture is my inspiration, but you can tweak this project to match your own personality and style.

via : martha stewart

My twist :   I would paint the wall with a bright color and an antique finish so that the soles of the shoes don't mess up white paint!  (what was martha thinking here?!?! )
Go bold with something bright,  and then use a antique glaze to add some variety.
via : antique furniture

While you are at it.... add a few cup hooks to the wall to hang necklaces, scarves and jewelry. 

Have fun!  It's your house and you can decorate and organize any way that makes you happy.

You can do this!
~ Leslie

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Morning Glories are ready to plant

grow. grow. grow.
heart shaped leaves = love in plant form
seedlings are ready to pop in the ground.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Essential Oil Highlight : Vetiver

  My favorite new essential oil is Vetiver.
I am in love with it these days... and like to dab it on my wrists several times a day.

*  earthy --- it says "grounding" on the bottle.  
I can imagine that this is the essential oil that makes me feel like i played in my garden a bit this morning!

* reminds me of wild chamomile ---  my nose picks up a peppery, floral scent in this little bottle.  

I highly recommend mixing this bottle with a sexy, hard core rock and roll track on your ipod if you really want to ground yourself !!

~ leslie