Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Color & Character

via Domino.

Old homes in East Nashville often have these little cubies.
I painted a hallway in my house on Riverside Drive similar to this. I went with a deep red and hung frames all over the hallway walls. Its really easy.
You can do this!
~ don't be afraid of color or character ;)  leslie

it's Y O U R space ~ do what makes you happy

It's Y O U R space. you can do anything that makes you happy. It can be simple and free. literally free.
Try this : gather up a pile of your favorite snip its & then arrange them on a blank wall. fill your home with YOU. your energy will decorate with impeccable accuracy.

via http://carolinebriel.com/cinqmai/

Herbs on the Counter instead of in the Fridge

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not sure about color - try this!

  Not sure about how to use color?? Just buy two or four BRIGHT pillows. you, commitment-phobe, you ;) its ok, though. you can change with the season and follow your color moods. switch to orange in the fall and bright green in the spring.

play with color ! have fun xo ~ leslie