Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hip Tip : Shoe Rack

Ladies ~  Do you wish you could get your high heel shoes off the floor and organized?    Showcase those stylish shoes with a shoe rack on the wall.

This picture is my inspiration, but you can tweak this project to match your own personality and style.

via : martha stewart

My twist :   I would paint the wall with a bright color and an antique finish so that the soles of the shoes don't mess up white paint!  (what was martha thinking here?!?! )
Go bold with something bright,  and then use a antique glaze to add some variety.
via : antique furniture

While you are at it.... add a few cup hooks to the wall to hang necklaces, scarves and jewelry. 

Have fun!  It's your house and you can decorate and organize any way that makes you happy.

You can do this!
~ Leslie

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Morning Glories are ready to plant

grow. grow. grow.
heart shaped leaves = love in plant form
seedlings are ready to pop in the ground.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Essential Oil Highlight : Vetiver

  My favorite new essential oil is Vetiver.
I am in love with it these days... and like to dab it on my wrists several times a day.

*  earthy --- it says "grounding" on the bottle.  
I can imagine that this is the essential oil that makes me feel like i played in my garden a bit this morning!

* reminds me of wild chamomile ---  my nose picks up a peppery, floral scent in this little bottle.  

I highly recommend mixing this bottle with a sexy, hard core rock and roll track on your ipod if you really want to ground yourself !!

~ leslie

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Color & Character

via Domino.

Old homes in East Nashville often have these little cubies.
I painted a hallway in my house on Riverside Drive similar to this. I went with a deep red and hung frames all over the hallway walls. Its really easy.
You can do this!
~ don't be afraid of color or character ;)  leslie

it's Y O U R space ~ do what makes you happy

It's Y O U R space. you can do anything that makes you happy. It can be simple and free. literally free.
Try this : gather up a pile of your favorite snip its & then arrange them on a blank wall. fill your home with YOU. your energy will decorate with impeccable accuracy.


Herbs on the Counter instead of in the Fridge

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not sure about color - try this!

  Not sure about how to use color?? Just buy two or four BRIGHT pillows. you, commitment-phobe, you ;) its ok, though. you can change with the season and follow your color moods. switch to orange in the fall and bright green in the spring.

play with color ! have fun xo ~ leslie

Monday, March 26, 2012

Grocery Store Run


Fresh whole foods to feed the body good :)
rolling down the line 

this is the GREEN FOOD grocery run.
picking up everything I need for making Green Juice this week. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time to start mixing up the Soil

I love the first few days of spring, like the most of us!

I always start thinking about getting my hands in some dirt and planting things in the garden.

Today the raised beds get a little love.   Time to start mixing up the soil.
Just think... in just a few months these bed will be overflowing with tomatoes and other yummy edible gifts.

Irish Stout & Mint Tea

Happy St.  Patty's Weekend.!   This is how we do it OPEN HOUSE style.....

Planting Seeds for Spring

One of my favorite things to do in the spring is plant Morning Glory and Moon Flower seeds.    I get a lot of satisfaction from playing with the soil and seeds indoors when its usually still chilly outside.   There are many ways to start seeds indoors.   I have even used casserole dishes to hold seedlings in the past! lol     I love doing it this way because there's no pot to dispose of and the roots aren't disturbed when you plant them in the ground outside.     

My tip :  If it seems overwhelming to plant lots of seeds, but you really like the idea -  just pick two packages of seeds and go from there.    Life is busy.   Keep it simple.   Get the juice out of life without stressing yourself out too much.   

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Homeopathic Treatment for Allergies

All the trees are starting to get tiny buds on them.   Soon the skies will be raining pollen.
I picked up a homeopathic allergy treatment today.  I'm interested to see how it works for me this spring.   I typically sneeze a lot when the trees turn green.    I was told this adds a bit of the allergens to one's system consistently when taken several times a day and works similiar to allergy shots.    It also has a few ingredients that actually help with symptoms.  
I'm going to give it a try!   Have you had any luck with homeopathic treatments for allergies??  I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Buy Yourself some Nice Kitchen Suds!


I have a philosophy that one should buy nice kitchen soaps and suds.
If you are going to have these bottles sitting on your counter 24/7 - go ahead and buy something that delights you.      There are places to splurge in your home and this is one of my splurges.   Sometimes I even buy the really expensive stuff that's out there.    Whatever makes you happy.    I prefer something that's both environmentally friendly AND pretty to look at.    Get matching bottles, too!   It will make your kitchen counter look less cluttered.  

enjoy your home!  you are worth the fancy soaps, today :) 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cut Flowers from the Yard

There were just a few flowers left in the side yard, and most of the other plants are wilting and shutting down for fall.   I cut the last few and brought them inside.    Simple simple.... but such a sweet little pleasure sitting by the sink.